My Garden

I’m a creative botanist, I love valuing each flower in its season and spontaneity. Working with flowers without any forcing and without ordering them from the other side of the planet.

I think beauty has to be natural more than anything.

This is why I decided to mainly work with local flowers in a first place. And, when I decided I was brave enough, I finally started my own cultivation.

What once was a corn field, has now started to play at home to trees, bushes, pot herbs and flowers. It’s so beautiful to think that everything can have a new life and rise again, don’t you think?

The garden is right next to my lab (if you come visiting me, I can totally show you!).
I have to warn you though: it’s currently in a very first stage, even though I can already imagine it flourishing so soon!

Do you love peonies? Then check out my Instagram in May, you’ll see what a beauty!
Your favourite flowers are dahlias? In summertime I’ll tell you about how lovely they’ll look!

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