My Lab

My lab is located in what once was my great grandmother home.

Together with my family we recovered a few bits of furniture, and saved some of her old vases and pots. Then I filled up the space with plants, flowers, ribbons and pots of all types.

Would she like it? I really hope so!

And then this is what my lab is not.  It’s not a shop or a space for retail, not at the moment. This is why: I decided to dedicate myself fully to specific projects, needing all my attention and my flowers, to take care of my clients with ideas tailored to their dreams. All of which would not conciliate with the busy tasks of running a traditional flower shop.

My aim is to dedicate my full attention, time and care to each and every client.

So you can contact me any time to book an appointment and talk about your project. Feel free to get in touch!

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