My Land

Daisy Studio is not only my daily job, but a project so deeply connected to my own life. It’s everything I love, what I am and what I’ve always dreamed of. And it wouldn’t be the same, I probably wouldn’t be the same, if I wasn’t grown up here, in my beloved Valley, in a place so beautiful and close to my heart.

Cison di Valmarino is a small village close to Treviso, Italy, surrounded by fields, meadows, woods, rivers and, not far, also two small lakes, and then hills and mountains all around. But the Valley is also made of more small charming villages, with their historical buildings, churches (such as the beautiful abbey in Follina), farmhouses, old stables… all of which, together with nature and the landscape, compose a picturesque mosaic of ever-new places to discover.

Do you find these lands charming too? This is where my passion’s born,
where I find the inspiration every day and where my small garden is located.