Getting married in the ruins of an ancient abbey, surrounded only by the dearest loved ones. This is a very intimate ceremony in a place of timeless charm: the Abbey of Sant’Eustachio, in Nervesa della Battaglia (TV), in between of the countryside and the hills in the land of Venice.

To enhance the beauty of the abbey's architecture as much as possible, we wanted to create a minimal setting, focusing on the tones of the place and on a single color - not color: white, in its various shades.

The floral arrangements for the symbolic ceremony were inspired by the Japanese art of arranging flowers, ikebana. So they were deliberately contained, measured and placed on transparent plexiglas risers, as if to recall the ancient columns of the church, once present and now mostly destroyed.

Flowers, then, but without overdoing it: the whole set-up was intended to frame the wedding, from the moment of the yes to the party, but without taking your eyes off from what is really important.