She is Italian, he is half French and half Polish, they live in Helsinki, they have relatives and friends all over the world and chose Treviso to celebrate their love on their wedding day!

When we met the first time, Giovanna, the bride, already had very clear ideas on the arrangements for her wedding. The theme had to be “the dream”: therefore the colors would have been clear and the flowers light, with some small notes of burgundy and gold. So I immediately suggested, among the flowers, Silver dollars, i.e. lunaria, which with its gold-shaded silver color would have been perfect for floral accessories, as the bridal bouquet and the buttonholes.

For the ceremony at the Santa Caterina museum in Treviso we opted for a single, large composition for the ritual table, while for the reception at the “Abbazia del Pero”, an ancient abbey in Monastier we set up the ancient refectory with many clouds of white flowers, suspended over the long imperial table. And right on the table we put many candles in lanterns of all shapes, or on vintage brass candlesticks. The floral touch was given by the white dahlias chosen as placeholders, and by the English roses in ivory and golden shades, placed here and there among the lights of the candles.