My services

My services are all customizable, always available and seasonally fresh from yours truly.

Floral Creations

Fresh flowers and dry flowers, wreaths, arrangements, flying gardens! My creations are all made with seasonal plants and flowers, flowers I grow myself in my own garden and without chemical treatments, and then spontaneous, different, Italian flowers, leaves, branches, fruits and berries. There you go, all the emotions a natural garden and nature can offer gathered in one place, hand-making something beautiful and environment-friendly, avoiding glues, floral foams and artificial materials as much as possible.

Enter my lab!

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Weddings And Events

Weddings and special events are my true passion: the excitement of the wait, the magic of a dream coming to life step after step, the frenzy of having a thousand things to do and plan. When it comes to occasions that are this special, I never leave anything to chance and I help you studying the best, most original and natural solutions with flowers, but not only.

Let’s plan your big day together!

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Workshops And Courses

My biggest dream is helping others learning about the beauty of nature, in its thousand shapes. This is why I often organize courses and workshops with flowers but also many more natural materials, for literally anyone, children or adults, and in any seasons. Where? Here in Cison di Valmarino, or in Treviso, or anywhere you prefer: I’ll pack everything, load the van and come your way!


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Floral Walks

I’ve always been deeply in love with my land: hills, woods, meadows blooming in many colors, and then rivers and the mountains so close. My Valley can still surprise me everyday and I can’t wait to guide you through it.

Are you coming?

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Green Corners

Ideas, advices and actual consultations for flower and plant lovers who… think they just haven’t been blessed with a green thumb! Are you one of them? Together we’ll make your terrace, garden or small green corner bloom again.

Shall we try?

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