Flowers, leaves and seasonal materials: local, organic, slow

Floral Creations

Nature guides us everyday with its seasons and the alterning hues and scents, even if you’re located in a big city. If, like me, you love to add a little natural sparkle to your life and home, all eco-friendly (of course), you’re in the right place! Come discover my new decorations and green accessories!

This is a short-supply-chain service for floral decorations and arrangements. I like to use flowers and materials coming directly from my garden or from somewhere in the meadows or woods as much as possible, always respecting the laws, bees, butterflies and ecosystems. Or I buy flowers and materials from local Italian realities, to create small or big floral arrangements, always environment-friendly, avoiding glues, floral foams or artificial materials as much as possible.

Some creations are available in my online shop,
but many more can be custom made!

Get in touch

This service is currently active only in my area (Treviso) or very close to where I’m located, because shipping flowers through post can be risky. If you are located elsewhere, make sure you check out my online shop! Everything in there can be shipped your way.

If you have a specific idea for a wedding or event, just get in touch: I’ll do what I can to find the perfect solution to match your needs! Contact me >

How Much It Costs


It depends!
The price can vary based on the flowers you like, the style we use, the quantities.
Get in touch and tell me about your idea, we’ll work together to analyze your request and provide you with a precise quote. Ready?

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