Walking through nature. And discovering each time many wondrous things.

Floral Walks

Spending time outside whatever the season, because each of them has its own beauty. In the woods or even simply in the meadows around the corner, flowers are always there, you just need to know where to look. Ready to immerse yourself into this new, thrilling experience?

Where? Check out here my favourite places.

My Floral Walks are naturalistic strolls, generally quite quick and easy, therefore perfect also for children. Let’s walk together on small paths in the woods and through the fields, observing the world around us to discover new insects, flowers or even small hidden fossils telling us the history of the place we’re visiting.

Nature is always ready to show us wonders no matter the season (yes, even in Winter!). Green leaves starting to turn yellow, berries, barks, flowers, rocks and even dry branches can be precious materials to create something new and beautiful.

This is why my Floral Walks are also 100% creative, and can easily be paired to floral and creative workshops and courses.

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How much it costs


Usually a floral walk, with a small workshop in the end, takes about 3-4-hours or the whole day (breaks included) and, for a group of about 10 people, costs from 500€ (about 50€ per person), everything included: the price may vary based on the type of workshop and the cost of the materials needed, but also the lenght of the walk and workshop themselves.

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