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Green Corners

This is a consultation service for all those small or big spots in your home that might do with a bit of green help. Well, I believe it’s probably time to give them a second chance!

If you own a very small garden and don’t know what to do with it, or a long terrace, small and shaded, or even a big grey cement backyard… perfect! You’re finally in the right place.

This is a consultation and relooking service for small or big green corners. It means I won’t change it all, or start from scratch, if not necessary.

I’ll propose ideas and practical advice to concretely improve the situation. Actually, we’ll do it together: you’ll tell me what works and what not, what you like and what you’d totally avoid, and I’ll help you making it all possible. Together we’ll make your green corner flourish again with dignity and color, we’ll find and valorize its beauty and hide all its faults. We’ll make it a welcoming spot (not only for brooms), turning it into a biodiversity oasis. Let’s make it bloom together!

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How much it costs


This package includes a Skype consultation made of two sessions of approximately 30 minutes each. In the first session you’ll be asked to explain the situation and what you wish for your green spot, in the second I’ll walk you through a series of ideas and practical advice, explaining everything in detail.

The price is of 100€ per consultation, everything included.

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