Flowers but not just that. Beautiful and eco-friendly, for your special moments

Weddings And Events

Weddings always make me emotional, and this is why I decided to dedicate a service to them. I’d love to give your big day the flowers you dream. Ready?

This is a service I offer to anyone wanting to decorate a space for a special occasion: a wedding, anniversary, party, event or work dinner. It’s completely custom and will allow me to take care of all the decorations and arrangements. I use seasonal, local, spontaneous and ethical flowers, herbs, leaves and branches directly from the meadows or woods. And then fruits, vegetables and maybe something more. Or even paper flowers, lanterns and natural candles, to light up dinners and magical moments. There you go, these are a few of the ingredients of what I love to create and use to decorate and arrange a special event. Handmade objects, simple but joyful and sometimes romantic, to recreate poetic, original and environment-friendly scenes. Because celebrating is fun, and doing it with a deep respect to nature is even better, don’t you think?

Each time I customize my services to meet your requests and concretely adapt to your needs: whether it’s the time frames, spaces and yes, even the budget.

I’d definitely suggest to start getting in touch with me at least six months before the big day, or even earlier if you can, especially if it’s about your wedding! Contact me >

How much it costs

It depends!

The price can vary based on a number of factors: the materials, the type of arrangements, the style we decide to go with, all we need to valorize a location...

The basic service includes the decoration of 1 location, the creation and delivery of the most important accessories (usually 1 bouquet and buttonholes) and 1 meeting or skype call to define colors, flowers, style and arrangements. 

The full service instead is fully customized and includes the study of the complete floral arrangement in every single detail, according to your preferences. This service can include: the full decoration of 1, 2 or more locations, all the desired accessories (bouquets, buttonholes, corsages, cars, ring pillow, etc.), the flower arch, if needed, the rental of some vintage items and furnishings, on request, any favors and the sweet table set up. Naturally there are also 1 meeting or skype call included, to define colors, flowers, style and arrangements as you like them and 1 site inspection together at the locations you have chosen. 

Get in touch and tell me about your idea, I'll analyze your request and provide you with a precise quote. Ready?


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